Routine dental checkups are important for everyone, including young children. Visiting a dentist twice a year is as important for overall health as seeing the family physician or pediatrician. Do your children visit a dentist twice each year? Here are some reasons why you should put these appointments in your 2019 plans:

A call away in case of emergency

Children get bumps and scrapes all the time. Sometimes, falls and trauma can affect the teeth. Families who take the kids to a dentist twice a year know whom they can call if an accident happens. The dentist will already have the child’s records and can help in a stressful situation.

Dental disease is incredibly common

It may surprise you, but dental disease is five times more common than asthma. It is actually the most chronic childhood disease. About 30-40 percent of children have dental disease by three or four years old. Take your baby to see a dentist shortly after the first tooth comes in and go at least yearly until your child turns 3. At that point, bring your child to the dentist twice a year.

It is difficult to remove tartar

Even if the kids (or you) take excellent care of their teeth and gums at home, they still need to see a dentist twice each year. Plaque can build up and a dentist’s tools are most effective in removing plaque that has hardened into tartar.

Cavities are not the only concern

A dentist check-up will ensure that everything in your child’s mouth is healthy. The dentist can tell you if he or she needs additional fluoride or sealants. Or the dentist may identify orthodontic problems, like a need for a palate expander to make room for future adult teeth.

Take your children to the dentist twice each year so you can identify and address any potential problems early. Keeping your kids healthy must also include appropriate dental care. If you are in our area and need a qualified team to care for your child’s teeth, give us a call at Capital City Pediatric Dentistry. We look forward to serving our community again in 2019!