Yogurt is a healthy treat, not only for your body, but for teeth and gums also. Did you know that Greek yogurt accounts for roughly half of all yogurt sales in the U.S.? Here are reasons why you should reach for the snack rich in probiotics and calcium.

Balance PH levels in your mouth

Calcium-rich foods mix with plaque and stick to teeth, protecting them from acids that cause decay. Cavity-causing bacteria love an acidic mouth, and yogurt balances PH levels. This helps to protect against too much bacteria. By slowing the growth of harmful bacteria, you can have healthier gums.

Get extra calcium

Yogurt has a lot of calcium. Calcium is a mineral that keeps teeth strong and it is very important. Your teeth are made mostly of calcium, so you need to consume enough in your diet to prevent cavities. (How much calcium does your family need?) Children benefit a lot from extra calcium because their teeth are growing. However, even with permanent teeth, calcium continues to keep enamel strong.

Probiotics are bad breath fighters

A daily dose of yogurt can help you combat bad breath. Probiotics attack bacteria that breed in the mouth and cause bad odors. Regular brushing of the teeth and flossing is the best way to combat breath odor, but Greek yogurt for a daily snack may help also. The recommended amount to control bad breath is six ounces of yogurt per day.

Yogurt really is a super food for your mouth! Dentists recommend plain and sugar-free Greek yogurt for teeth. The Greek variety usually has higher levels of probiotics than regular, so it is preferred. If you want to sweeten up the sugar-free snack, add a dash of sweetener and fresh fruit. You can also use it to create healthier recipes for your family. Try using it to create a lighter ranch dressing or as a mayo replacement on sandwiches. We found some useful tips in this list of savory ideas.