There are so many toothbrushes for kids in stores today. Do you know how to select the best one? Toothbrushes come in numerous types and sizes, so it is no wonder parents may get confused by which product they should choose.

Toothbrushes for kids come in different sizes and shapes. Some light up, others are battery powered, or feature popular TV characters, or play music. Exciting kid-friendly features can make brushing fun, but the most important considerations are shape, size and firmness. The best toothbrush choice may change as your child grows.

When you shop toothbrushes for kids, be sure to focus on the recommended features for your child’s age.


Before teeth have erupted, use a damp cloth or gauze to keep baby’s gums clean. Select an age-appropriate toothbrush with a small head and soft bristles once teeth are present. The toothbrush should fit comfortably in baby’s mouth.

Toddlers and preschoolers

At this age, kids want to help with just about everything, including brushing their teeth. Look for toothbrushes for kids that are easy to hold and have a small brush head and soft bristles. It is fine to choose a child-sized powered toothbrush for this age group. Small children are not able to brush their teeth properly on their own, so be sure to help them to clean fully.

Elementary school ages

The toothbrushes for kids around age 5 to 8 come in many sizes, colors and designs. Elementary aged children are almost ready to brush their teeth on their own and a thinner handle is fine.  The brush head can be larger than before, but continue to look for toothbrushes specifically designed for children.  Continue with soft bristles to protect the gums.

Tweens and up

Tweens and teens can brush their teeth by themselves and most toothbrushes are fine. Soft bristles clean effectively when brushing correctly, and softer is gentler on the gums.


It is a good idea at any age to select toothbrushes approved by the American Dental Association. Look for the ADA seal when you buy the next toothbrushes for your family.