We provide expert dental care by an experienced and caring staff.

Our Dental Services

Our practice provides a wide range of pediatric dentistry services to provide the best dental care possible for kids of all ages. We are a bilingual office (Spanish / English) if you need assistance in Spanish.

Prevention Dentistry
These services include preventative oral hygiene instruction, assessment of dental development, fluoride, sealants, mouth guards to prevent sports injuries and diet counseling.

Routine Cleanings
Teeth cleaning and flossing remove debris that build up on the teeth, irritate the gums and cause decay.

Dental Restorations
Include tooth fillings, crowns and prosthesis to correct any issues that would affect your child’s adult smile, as well as prevent any problems that could arise in the future.

X-rays are taken in a safe environment and provide information that a visual examination cannot. They are recommended only when necessary to evaluate and monitor your child’s oral health.

Children with Special Needs and Dental Anxiety

The staff are all very friendly! They are familiar with all ages of children and help them transition and remain calm throughout the exam, cleaning etc. our appointment was quick and thorough. Perfect for young children.

Ava B.

Patient since 2017